Site of old Houston Castle in Scotland

Site of old Houston Castle in Scotland
Houston Castle Site in Scotland

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Will from the father of Sarah Germany, b. Aug. 20, 1811, Pike County, GA

Will from the father of Sarah Germany:

Pike County, Georgia Court of Ord.
Book B  Page 101

In the name of God amen. 
I William Germany of the county of Pike and State of Georgia do make and ordain
this my last will and testament in manner following:

First, my will is that my just debts be paid out of my estate both real and personal. 
I leave to my beloved wife Mary Germany during her natural life or widowhood and
then to be equally divided amongst my children.  Secondly, Mary Germany formerly,
now Mary Walker one eleventh part & Sarah Germany formerly now Sarah Houston one
eleventh part & James B. Germany one
eleventh part & A. Melvina Germany formerly now Melvina Cochran one eleventh
part & William Lander Germany one eleventh part & Elizabeth Geremany formerly
now Elizabeth Hughs one eleventh part - Emily Jane Germany one eleventh part -
Bridget Cornelia Germany one eleventh part - Hilliard Germany one eleventh part &
my son, Joseph Germany an equal portion with the rest and five hundred dollars and
Above to his part and my will is that if my son Joseph should die without an heir the part
of my estate that I leave to him shall be equally divided amongst the before mentioned

My will is that my Estate both real and personal remain in the hands of my beloved wife,
Mary Germany.

My will is that my son James B. Germany shall act as Executor over my Estate and after
My debts my Executor will sell if there remains an overplus of possible property to sell
Off so much as he may consider surplus.

This thirty first October ---
Eighteen hundred and forty two
                                                                                         William Germany

Henry J. Bailey
Miles Joins
J.H. Harkins

Will was probated on January 2, 1843 in Pike County, Georgia

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