Site of old Houston Castle in Scotland

Site of old Houston Castle in Scotland
Houston Castle Site in Scotland

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Notes about John Houston, III b. bet. 1793 and 1807

John Houston, III, was born in Newberry District, SC but the exact birth date is not known.  Hopefully someone can help with this information.  John was married twice, first to Nancy S. Strozier in 1823 in Jasper County, GA, and again in 1828 to Nancy Eunice Fowler in Fayette County, GA.  All details that I have can be found under their names on our genealogy site here:

Notes for John Houston III:
Georgia, Coweta County - I John Houston of the County and State aforesaid living at this time of Sound & disponing mind and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die do make this my last will and testament giving bequeathing and distributing all my estate both real and personal with which I have been blessed by a kind providence in the manner and form mentioned in the following items.
Item 1st It is my desire that all my just debts be paid
Item 2nd It is my desire that the balance of my property after paying all my just debts be kept together for the benefit of my wife & children.
Item 3rd It is my desire that each one of my children now with me Shall when they marry or become of age draw from my Estate one Negro equal in value to the one given by me to my daughter Elizabeth Rollins when she married.
Item 4th It is my desire whenever my youngest child shall become of age and draw in proportions to the rest that my wife shall then draw one Negroe of the same value as those drawn by each of my children which Negro shall be for her own separate use to be disposed of as she may think proper.
Item 5th It is my desire that the residue of my property be equally divided between my wife and my children.
Item 6th It is my desire that my wife shall not be held accountable for any of the proceeds resulting from the property belonging to my Estate It being my m ... that said proceeds shall be used by my wife as she may think proper in maintaining and educating my children.
Item 7th I do hereby Constitue and appoint my son in law James Rollins sole Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others heretofore made by me. John Houston
2 Mar 1851 (witnessed by John ..., P. A. White, ...)

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