Site of old Houston Castle in Scotland

Site of old Houston Castle in Scotland
Houston Castle Site in Scotland

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Notes about Nancy Alice Robertson - Letter from March 3, 1890

Corn Hill, Texas:   Corn Hill was on Willis Creek and Interstate 35 two miles south of Jarrell in North Central Williamson County. 

Letter from (Nancy) Alice Robertson dated March 3, 1890 and postmarked March 3, 1890 at Corn Hill, Tex.     Addressed to Mrs. Exer Houston at Milltown, Chambers County, Ala.   (copied with spelling as in the letter)

Dear sister I will write you a few lines in answer to your sweet and loving letter that I received Saturday evening and was very glad indeed to hear from you. This leaves all well and I do hope and trust it will find you all the same. Well Ex I haven't much to write that will interest you to read, but I will do the best I can. We have bin having some very cold weather for the last few days but is a heap warmer today we have bin washing to day. I went to preaching yesterday and to sabath school in the morning and my fellow came home with me and we just had the biggest time atall he stayed till Aunt Aggie got supper dun and then I had to milk and get ready to go to meeting he has two other brothers out here with him and I lack them all. I have lots of fun with Frank and Oat(?) but I think John is the nicest boy of the three but he doesn't have as much to say as Frank and Oat(?) dose. I think Oat is the prettiest of the three but he is Mollie Williams best fellow. Well Ex you ask me how I enjoyed myself out here I can tell you I have had more fun for the last month than I have had in five year before. It makes me think old times when you and me used to be young folks. Nearly every one of my kind folks has an organ and I love to go to see them all. Well Ex I guess I had tell you a little about my New Ingland fellow I treated him just about lack I treated George Hall and I guess you know about that and he sed he was going back to Inglan with a broken heart and I told him I would go back to Alabama with a broken heart two. He lives at cousin Uzeak(?) Smiths. Well I will try to write a ittle more this evning I have bin helping teach school today. Prof makes one of the largest scolars help him every day and today was my day to help. He ask me if I felt lack I had bin pickin cotton wen he dismissed. I told him no little things don't tire me. I am stouter than I every was in my life. I think Ex if I keep fatning you all will not know me whin I come home. Well it is manily(?) night and will close by asking you to write to me next sunday good by for a while   Alice Robertson

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