Site of old Houston Castle in Scotland

Site of old Houston Castle in Scotland
Houston Castle Site in Scotland

This genealogy site covers surnames Moore, Houston, Robertson, Brown, Baugh, Smith, Camp, Ballard, Williams, Harrison, Davis, Milam, Arthur, Walker, and many more.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The True History of Soft Serve Ice Cream

My wife and I, from Alabama, moved to Paraguay in 1986 and started the country's very first soft-serve ice cream store! It became very successful very fast, and is still in operation today, but we sold the business in 2003 to a nice gentleman from Pennsylvania and we moved to Chile. Our soft serve did not have all those chemicals you mentioned....but we developed our own excellent and very smooth product using the basic ingredients of pure pasteurized whole fresh milk, powdered milk, sugar, etc.....we would never consider using any "premixes". We prepared an excellent and complete history of soft serve ice cream which you may find very interesting. It is online at

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